Hello all of you beautiful people on the interwebs! Mike and I have been incredibly busy with the numerous things we are trying to get done and have not been so active here or on Facebook or YouTube. We are thinking of bringing on someone to manage our social media as we don’t have enough time to run the business and keep all of you updated. I don’t know if that is actually going to happen any time soon though.

We are finishing the processing of our current book inventory with a few thousand books remaining. We hope to be done before August ends. We are also trying to keep the warehouse in order, but we are quickly running out of room and need to reorganize the book sections. The in-store sales are continuing as well. We now can order new books, and those should start showing up in the next couple months. All of this together point to one fact: We Need To Expand!

We are working on it right now, that being our biggest endeavor, but the current inventory must be completed and the warehouse in order before we can make any move. We are working hard at getting that done, though it all is more than just two people can do quickly. Please be a little patient with us. When our explanation plan begins to come together, I’ll drop another line explaining exactly what it is we are doing. It’s big! It’s exciting!

Anywho, I am sorry about the rambling nature of this post, and the lack of details. I just wanted to post something to all you good people! I’ll talk with you soon.



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