RAW Books Publishing

We are best known as a bookseller, but we actually got our start back in 2012 as an independent book publisher under the name of AlyMur Productions. Our first title was Endospore written by our founder, Roger. Since then, we've added on another author and published a few more titles. We have big things in the works but won't be ready to release them until 2018. Until then, here are our currently available titles.

R.A. Wilson

I write things. More specifically, I write awesome things for awesome people. It was a long journey to publishing that first novel, mostly involving playing at made-up things with made-up people. So my insanity is questionable at best.

A lover of fantasy ever since reading the Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks, I had no hope of escaping this fate. I have been accused of writing the worlds of Ravin Saga and a number of unrelated books, such as the children adventures of Little Kitten Mitten and the chronicles of when I went insane: The Wal-Mart Book of Ethics Abridged Edition.

I live with my cell mate and wife Alysia, as well as our son Atticus, in Gayville South Dakota. And yes, that really is the city's name, so just deal with it. We have three fuzzy, four legged children now that Lucky the Chihuahua has passed. Duke the Husky, Lizzy the Russian Blue, and Kirby the fat tomcat. Oh, and there is a turtle as well, but I don't really claim it.


Though this was our first published book, this title is currently unavailable as it is going through editing. It is planned to be one of the books released in 2018.

It is a post-apocalyptic coming of age story in an underground city.

Wal-Mart Book of Ethics

Have you ever shopped at Wal-Mart? Of course you have. Why else would you be looking at this book? If you have ever wanted to see behind the front lines of retail, this is the book for you. If you want to validate your own experiences in retail, this is the book for you. If you just want to laugh at humorous things from funny people, this is the book for you.

Packed full of true short stories from working in one of these super stores, only one conclusion can be reached in the end: Wal-Mart is the craziest place on Earth!

Tragedy of Macbeth: A Novel

This is not your high school English teacher's Shakespeare (well, it kind of is). Welcome to Shakespeare as you've never seen before. Written by fantasy author R.A. Wilson, this novel brings the battles and magic to life as reading the script of a play cannot by itself. Easier to understand, and just a joy to read.

Have You Seen My Meow

Little Kitten Mitten has lost her meow,
So she must go find it right now.
Your children will fall in love with her,
As she tries to please her mother.
But in the end she will learn to look inside,
Because that is where many answers hide.
So if you want to teach your kids to first try,
Then give Little Kitten Mitten a buy!

Regina Ann Penn

Despite her explicit writings, Regina is a very private person, preferring a quiet evening at home writing or watching a movie over an adventurous night out. She does go out occasionally with a few friends and lives vicariously through them, eating up the stories of their sordid encounters. Most notably, the infamous Fernando!

She has won every major writing award that exists, even the Nobel Prize for Chemestry… for her writing. As a result, much more famous writers tend to borrow from her work. The most famous example was Romeo and Juliet by Bill Shakespeare. Her hobbies are greatly varied, but her proudest accomplishment outside of writing is earning the much coveted white belt in jujitsu.

She lives in Yankton, SD with her longtime boyfriend and their three cats: Pinky, Tiny, and Gertrude. The cats seem to disregard Regina and her boyfriend though, expecting food and ignoring them the rest of the time. The cats do leave little presents occasionally in the form of hairballs to show their regard, but there is thought the cats are looking to kill the humans when sleeping. Regina calls them The Three Assholes.

She has always been a writer, penning her first story in the fourth grade about two stupid rabbits who could not tell a carrot from an orange bicycle seat. And from that grand work of literature, it was all downhill from there.

Amazon Lost

Full of carnal pleasures and enticing story. A little silly. A little serious.
And a whole lot of sexy!

Asoese has lived her whole life on an unknown island with other lesbian Amazon tribeswomen; an island that shapeshifters once ruled. She tells herself she’s happy even though she has a deadly secret she must keep hidden. But when a shipwreck on the beach brings Johnny into her life, creating a love triangle with him and her girlfriend, she begins to question how much she is willing to compromise her true self to survive anymore. Johnny just might show her another way, but what will she have to sacrifice to find happiness?

What would you do to find happiness in life and not just survive?