About Us



Our goal is the continuing preservation of old books. Too many times they get destroyed, taking away a story that could have been in the hands of readers of any age. We do this by acquiring them and putting them for sale on the largest market ever know to man: The Internet!

Our local efforts are still in the making, but we desire to create local bookstores that can function as community centers, where after school programs are conducted as well as fun events for everyone else happen.

Our Story

In February of 2016, I had a dilemma. I worked as a facility manager and gave the company so many hours of my life, I was basically removed from my family. SO I decided to change that by starting a business. Uncertain of what to do, having worked through a bunch of ideas that were ultimately rejected, I finally decided on building my own bookstore. It made sense, as my greatest passion is my work as a novelist. I brought on my assistant manager from my soul crushing job, making Mike my partner in capitalism (or crime, depending on who you ask).

From there, we began working in a small warehouse. Another one was added on after the first two months when we ran out of room. And then another. Eventually, we got a much larger warehouse and moved the whole operation into that one location, making our efforts much more efficient. Since then, it has been a quest for more inventory and bigger warehouses, which we want to ultimately grow into a 160k sqft building with over 5.5 million books. Along the way, we will build the first of many local bookstores, intended as a way to give back to the communities who have supported us. The first bookstore will be in Yankton, SD.


Meet the Team

We are here to provide the greatest customer support that is possible. Unfortunately it's us goofy clowns doing it, but we're pretty good at what we do. We are a small team, but we have big plans and an actual path to make it a reality. We are looking to add some names and faces to help us get there soon!

Roger Alan WIlson

Founder & Owner

Born February 14, 1982. Graduated with a BS from USD with a major in Biology, minor in Chemistry and English. Planned to become a veterinarian specializing in small animal surgery. Decided to become a writer shortly before getting the degree and has been terrorizing readers ever since. Too bad he doesn't write horror.

Alysia Marie Wilson


Born August 22, 1985. Alysia married Roger on September 21, 2005 after dating him for nearly 6 years. Condolences were given much on that day! She is the lady that allowed Roger to create this insane adventure and supported him greatly even when reason said otherwise. She typically comes up with all of the best ideas. Roger will ultimately then come up with the same idea a month or two later and then figure out how to get it done. He at least admits it... to her... in private...

Mike Clark


What does that say up there?!? YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT! That better say partner! I have a fifth kid on the way! I needs to get paid!

So anyway...

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